Cold Sweetness On My Tongue

Some problems are overwhelming.  The saying goes, “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.”  I prefer making a bowl of Breyer’s neopolitan ice cream.  So I beat it to the freezer.

But my brain just won’t give up.  It becomes a tracker, following trails that look like pathways to the solution.  If it comes to a roadblock, it looks for a detour and takes it.  While I finish off the bowl of ice cream, tasting the cold sweetness on my tongue,  my brain thinks.  And thinks.  Positive thinking.

I’m not all that smart.  I just stay with problems longer.  I usually don’t know if a solution will work until I try it.  I do know it has to be simple and effective.  Otherwise I won’t stick with the answer to this knotty problem. 

For every problem you solve, you create another problem.  But if the solution is the right one, the other problem will be much easier to deal with.  I don’t think any problem can stand up to sustained thinking.

Vanilla or strawberry alone works fine.  But for a truly knotty problem, only neopolitan will do.