The Unexpected

It’s ALL about expectations. We function via fulfilled expectations. We dis-function via unfulfilled expectations, or the unexpected. We survive by changing the unexpected into the expected without excluding existing expectations. Some call this “coping”. To cope with car failure is one thing. We plan for it, thereby moving the unexpected into the expected column. To cope with brain failure, e.g. someone with Alzheimer’s is quite another thing. I feel overwhelmed today by the constant flow of the unexpected.


Ice Cream and a Movie

A bowl of strawberry ice cream while watching “The King’s Speech”.  The ice cream was good.

Constantly Sweeping

Barb constantly sweeps the area rugs in the family room.  Mostly she’s on her knees, brushing up piles with her hands.  If I urge her to rest, she will for 2 minutes, then is up again.

Write These People Off

Well, I think I’m going to write these people off.  I’m tired of them treating their Mom as if she were dead.  It’s time to set a new course.

Are They Outta Their Minds?

Our grown children seem to ignore their Mom.  Alzheimer’s isn’t catching.  Not one Mother’s day card.  I am so angry.