Six Words

I came across a book of six-word life summaries recently.  It was on the Kindle in seconds.  For the past few days I added one more summary to a growing list of my own.  They are helpful in an unexpected way.  I don’t care why.  I’ll take anything that helps.

Alzheimer’s Disease. She needs extra love.
Back from Lettuce Lake. Egg McMuffins.
I wake up waiting for night.
When she sleeps there’s no Alzheimer’s.
If it’s missing, I blame Barb.
Dog’s food removed. I silently scream.
Bacon, eggs, toast, juice. Another breakfast.
Filling pill boxes. Glad when done.
She was never heard from again.
You never ask how I’m doing.
She creeps. She weeps. She sleeps.
The road less traveled is lonely.
Quiet Desperation. Now I get it.


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