Make It Through The Day

Make It Through The Day



I could not have known how the title of this blog would fit so well.  At first, the Extra Long Days were spent learning about Alzheimer’s, searching for anything to help her (curcumin is the best), keeping her engaged, riding bikes, taking walks in the park.  Then came Extra Long Days because I grew weary of trying to keep as many things as “normal” as possible.  Next were Extra Long Days of watching TV until bed time.  Now the Extra Long Days are because I am eager for night to come, when I can get behind the microphone to narrate an item on  This sometimes lasts until the next day, making it truly Extra Long.

I’m thinking of some way to blend the time with Barb and the time at the microphone.  I want to improve both of them.  I want to resume small chores in the yard.  I want us to ride our bikes again.  I will take us for small rides in the car.  Barb always enjoys this.  But overnight trips are out of the question.    For now, at least.

Extra Long Days.