The solace that I seek
Eludes me and I stumble
My thoughts all seem unbalanced
I try to speak, but only mumble

It was an empty effort
Trying to stop your loss of mind
Despite my constant fighting it
You left us all behind

Our time together had to end
You needed somewhere else to stay
You were my life, you were my friend
And now you had to go away.

Do you sit and wonder?
Do you look around for me?
Does your hand reach out to touch mine?
Or has your prison set you free?

Outside myself I start to look
Yet still I find the void
The spaces that we used to love
Now cannot be enjoyed

Tomorrow I’ll go searching
For a place out of the rain
A place among the living
Where I can laugh again

Release me now and I’ll return
To friends and family
And gradually I’ll cease to yearn
Both in my heart and memory     –LG


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